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Barbara Weiss

Dog Training Solutions

In-Home Training

Do you need a flexible schedule for your dog’s training?

Barbara provides training sessions tailored to your busy lifestyle. In-home training means personal attention, lessons spaced to adapt to your dog’s learning style, and the ability to address specific training issues.

Cues (commands) start with basics, but span all levels of obedience, from good manners for puppies all the way to advanced off-leash skills:

  • Greeting people politely (no jumping)
  • Walking nicely on-leash
  • Stay (Sit and Down)
  •  Coming when called (even off-leash)
  • Attention and focus
  • Leave it (Not yours)
  • Obedience covered in group classes

Problem behaviors that need one-on-one attention:

  • Destructive chewing
  • Aggression
  • Shyness
  • Barking

Another advantage of in-home training is the option of taking local trips to public places to practice skills, or even your workplace if you want to bring your dog to work.

Please contact Barbara for more information regarding private in-home training by clicking the button below.


Thanks for everything.  Our little girl has become such a great dog since we started working with you.

                           - Wes & Cheryl


“When I first came to Denver with my then puppy, Jamie, I asked people who the best trainer was in the area and they unanimously said Barbara Weiss.  I contacted her and she and I worked together to provide the positive reinforcement Jamie and I needed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, which is the first step in becoming a registered therapy team.  Through Barbara’s support and willingness to meet around the city providing “new” experiences for us as well as private lessons and extra time at her training site, Jamie and I became a  registered Pet Partner (formerly Delta Society) team in 2009.  We currently “read” with a student weekly at an elementary school in Parker and visit patients and staff at Skyridge Medical Center two to three times a month.  Everyone comments on how well behaved and sweet Jamie is and I attribute a lot of that to Barbara’s patience and kindness with both of us!  I plan on getting another puppy this year to train for therapy work and Barbara will definitely be helping me with this journey…repeating the great experience Jamie and I had under her tutelage.” 

- Billie and Jamie Rollins, Parker, CO

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